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Server Application Unavailable IIS Error

Generally the cause of Server Application Unavailable is the .net framework.

Error Snapshot

For ex. one of our site is in version 1.1 and the recently added site is in 2.0 or later or any other different versions running on the IIS.

How to Resolve:-
We need to create a new application pool on the IIS and assign the same to the version of the site.
Following image illustrates how to check the version of site.

For ex. Pool3_5 for version 3.5 and  Pool4_0 version 4.0 .
Following image illustrates how to create new Pool.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

 You can also verify the IIS logs to locate the issue.
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How to make a site default on IIS 6 Windows Server 2003

While setting up an new Web server with Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6.

I have to set up my own custom domain (for ex. myname.com) as the default site on IIS. Means if I will run the server from IP my custom domain has to run.

The process is so, easy we need to setup few things in custom site.

Right click on Site>>Properties>>WebSite>>Click on Advnaced Button>>Leave the "Host header value" to be blank.

Please refer the image..

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