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How to use Hindi fonts on Website

Now in current world the importance of multi lingual websites has increased.
People demands for sites in different languages for different uses.

I have a site on which I have to show data in Hindi.
This had become a major issue while development.

I had searched the internet and found a solution named Microsoft WEFT.
I was very happy to find a solution. I start working on the basis of
this software. But after successful launch of website the use had found
an major issue. The .eot files are only supported on IE browsers.

Now, this is the time to work like a machine to search for a true solution.

I have searched many sites.

But, finally god give me the solution by giving me the concept of UNICODE fonts

Here is the example how to use UNICODE fonts.

use these sites to make entry in hindi


You can make entry in hindi for ex.
on this http://utopianvision.co.uk/hindi/write/

in second text box enter



these will get appear in the second box.

copy text and paste where ever you want. Unicode fonts are browser compatible.

If you want to insert UNICODE fonts into database, you have to take a UNICODE supported field i.e.
Nvarchar datatype don't use varchar datatype.

Please let me know if you want to know more about this.


Unknown said...

how to use hindi fonts in our webpage..........i working with asp.net+C# i have to use hindi fonts....for bth at insertion time and at input time both!hw t o do it???

HK said...

Thanks , I used given url and its working nice , but thing is that i would like to give option "VISIT SITE IN HINDI" , how can i show my whole site in hindi if user select option as Hindi ? Is WEFT works for languages as FRENCH ,GERMAN , ARABIC etc ?

Anonymous said...

I am creating one Spiritual site which contains lot of information on ancient mantra's from Vedas and ancient books.
Basically I need to uploaded these stuff in hindi in SQL Express database through my admin interface and when users see the webpage, no need to download any fonts, he should be able to see the page irrespective of browser type and version.

KK Paliwal

Anu said...

Thanks for your information.....

Anonymous said...

No good .Useless for me.There is data insert in like '?'.

Unknown said...

use unicode data for that and in databse use datatype like nchar or nvarchar...which is used to save unicode data!!
mangal is the unicode font and there are many softwares available which convert hindi (written in shusha or krutidev etc) to unicode!

Parul1426 said...

please tell me... if there is any solution to change language of particluar textbox in web application?

Unknown said...

yes! parul...
like in asp.net select the properties of the particular textbox.in that font--> font name change from there like mangal for hindi. another use the utf8 fr other languages on the source page!!

divendu_verma@yahoo.co.in said...

dear what you write is correct but what if any one to write in hindi for example sending feedback form ih hindi, most of site i have visited like web dunia, bhaskar and more they provide mechanism for this i am searching for this if you hav please tell me

Anonymous said...

1. You must have font file wid ttf/eot/woff/svg any among these files.
3.link the style sheet to ur index page,
2. use css @font-face rule to embabe your font in ur code.

and thats its

Unknown said...

hey how too generate hindi code like #2327;ल जोड to complete my kalyan matka website. kindly help me.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Your post shares something very unique information as we know some people don't understand english so it is best if the website is developed in a native language also like hindi. Your blog helps most of the website development experts. Thanks for sharing…

Unknown said...

Same here.

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It can ve really hard to implement Hindi fonts on the website, but after reading your post I no longer have questions on how to do it.

Amy said...

I also do agree with the stuff you shared about fonts on the website, Thanks that's a wonderful post.
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Jullia said...

Get the text you want in Hindi using google translate,I usually do it by typing sentences in English and get its translation in the desired language.
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