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Best Practices to Improve ASP.Net Web Application Performance. Part - 3

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6) Use the String builder to concatenate string
How it affects performance:

String is Evil when you want to append and concatenate text to your string. All the activities you do to the string are stored in the memory as separate references and it must be avoided as much as possible. i.e. When a string is modified, the run time will create a new string and return it, leaving the original to be garbage collected. Most of the time this is a fast and simple way to do it, but when a string is being modified repeatedly it begins to be a burden on performance: all of those allocations eventually get expensive.

Use String Builder when ever string concatenation is needed so that it only stores the value in the original string and no additional reference is created.

7) Avoid throwing exceptions
How it affects performance:
Exceptions are probably one of the heaviest resource hogs and causes of slowdowns you will ever see in web applications, as well as windows applications.
You can use as many try/catch blocks as you want. Using exceptions gratuitously is where you lose performance. For example, you should stay away from things like using exceptions for control flow.

8) Use Finally Method to kill resources
The finally method gets executed independent of the outcome of the Block. Always use the finally block to kill resources like closing database connection, closing files.

9) Use Client Side Scripts for validations
User Input is Evil and it must be thoroughly validated before processing to avoid overhead and possible injections to your applications.
How It improves performance:
Client site validation can help reduce round trips that are required to process user's request. In ASP.NET you can also use client side controls to validate user input. However, do a check at the Server side too to avoid the infamous Javascript disabled scenarios.

10) Avoid unnecessary round trips to the server
How it affects performance:
Round trips significantly affect performance. They are subject to network latency and to downstream server latency.
Many data-driven Web sites heavily access the database for every user request. While connection pooling helps, the increased network traffic and processing load on the database server can adversely affect performance.
  • Keep round trips to an absolute minimum
  • Implement Ajax UI whenever possible. The idea is to avoid full page refresh and only update the portion of the page that needs to be changed.
11) Use Page.ISPostBack
Make sure you don't execute code needlessly. Use Page.ISPostBack property to ensure that you only perform page initialization logic when a page is first time loaded and not in response to client postbacks.

12) Include Return Statements with in the Function/Method
How it improves performance
Explicitly using return allows the JIT to perform slightly more optimizations. Without a return statement, eachfunction/method is given several local variables on stack to transparently support returning values without the keyword. Keeping these around makes it harder for the JIT to optimize, and can impact the performance of your code.
Look through your functions/methods and insert return as needed. It doesn't change the semantics of the code at all, and it can help you get more speed from your application.

13) Use Foreach loop instead of For loop for String Iteration
Foreach is far more readable, and in the future it will become as fast as a For loop for special cases like strings. Unless string manipulation is a real performance hog for you, the slightly messier code may not be worth it.


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