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How to configure site on IIS (Internet information server)

When I was new to web development I do not have any idea about IIS.
That is a major task to configure web site to IIS. IIS have too many properties which is to be set to run and asp.net application.

Here are few things which we have to keep while setup of machines for .net 2005

Steps to configure IIS:-
  1. After windows installation we have to install IIS.
  2. Install Sql server 2005
  3. Install .net 2005
If you install .net 2005 before installing IIS it will raise an error after configuring asp.net site
The error will be

“A name was started with an invalid character. Error processing resource”

For solution click here

Following are the steps to configure IIS
Go to Start >> Run >>type inetmgr
Screen of IIS will appear

Follow following steps:-

Display IIS window

Open tree and come to default websites

Right click on default web sites

Open new>> Virtual directory

Click on next button

Provide an alias name to you site (for ex. test)

Select an physical name directory

Select all the options

Click Finish

Now open you internet explorer and type http://Localhost/test

"test" is your site name so make sure you provide your site name.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I have wandered in the ASP.NET wilderness looking for and trying various solutions to this question for ages and you solved my problem for me in one go.